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We Bring Sense to The World

Our own natural resources, maintained and cultivated for over 20 years

Promoting Innovation, Performance, and Sustainability

Empowering local human capital to ensure the best quality of finished products

Our people - The most valuable and irreplaceable resources of the company

Our Professional Workplace

PT. Djasula Wangi is an established company that experts in global trading of essential oil, its derivatives and vanilla related commodities. We are the pioneer and the first company to run essential oil business in Indonesia.

Founded at 1962 by three founders, Mr. Djohan Narpati, Mr. Jacky Narpati, and Mr. Iwan Narpati. The three of them were brothers that are from humble family at Pati, Central Java.

The origin of Djasula Wangi name is due to the fact that the business was running initially at Djawa and Sulawesi. Also, since the business mainly running on essential oil which is the main commodity for fragrance industry, therefore the word “Wangi” which means fragrant is added after Djasula.

After established for more than 50 years, PT. Djasula Wangi has proven itself to grow and sustain with practical business that is innovative, sustainable and has international standard.

The most valuable resources of Djasula Wangi are its people. For more than 50 years, we uphold strong family values and is kept close and preserved in our day-to-day operation. Now, PT. Djasula Wangi is headquartered at Jalan Garuda, Jakarta Pusat and has several branch offices across Indonesia.

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PT. Djasula Wangi
Jl. Garuda no. 99
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia




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