Preferred to have many benefits for health (as an essential oil) and also for other purposes, including making perfume, Patchouli Oil prices supply in Indonesia can indeed be said to be sufficient. Moreover, if supply meets demand, the oil can be released at a high price. However, not a few traders or shops offer Patchouli Oil with more efficient packaging and low prices.

You must be familiar with essential oils. Often also called essential oils, these are volatile oils resulting from plant secondary metabolism, obtained from plant parts such as flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, fruit, and roots or rhizomes.

This oil is known to have a mixture of various compounds, including terpenes, alcohols, acetone, phenols, acids, aldehydes, and esters, which are commonly used as essences in food, cosmetics, or as functional components in pharmaceutical products. Well, for that, you should know the price of Patchouli Oil in Indonesia. Come on, see the discussion in the article.

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Patchouli Oil Benefits:

One more essential oil that is now gaining popularity is Patchouli Oil. As the name suggests, it is an oil obtained by distilling the leaves, stems, and branches of pogostemon cablin. This oil is often used in the soap, cosmetics, and perfume industries. It can’t be replaced by synthetic substances because of the way it binds the smells of other fragrance ingredients together and makes a pleasant smell when mixed with other ingredients.

It was also reported that Patchouli Oil was the most effective in repelling several types of insects, such as the cloth moth (Thysanura lepismatidae), corn beetle (Sitophilus zeamais), and dried fruit beetle (CaRpophilus). Moreover, a study says that this oil is effective against Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, in addition to ylang-ylang flowers and rosemary leaves.

Patchouli Oil Prices in the World

Indeed, to get oil from patchouli plants requires time and a process that is not short. Therefore, it is not surprising that the price of Patchouli Oil is quite expensive. In the world’s export markets, Patchouli Oil is now offered at a price of Rp. 600 thousand to Rp. 700 thousand per kg. On the domestic market, Patchouli Oil is sold at a price of Rp. 750 thousand per kg in the West Pasaman area, while in West Aceh it is sold at Rp. 630 thousand per kg.

Besides being sold per kg, now there are also many shops or traders who offer Patchouli Oil in ready-made form. Some are sold in 1 kg or 1 liter packages, and quite a few are offered in smaller packages. For reference, the following is the price range for Patchouli Oil in the domestic market.

Patchouli Oil Cost

Patchouli Oil Packaging Price

  • Rp 21.000 for 5 ml Richmoor Patchouli Oil
  • Patchouli Oil Brauwen 10 ml Rp 25.000
  • Patchouli Oil 10 ml Healthylife Rp 29,000
  • Patchouli Oil Richmoor 10 ml Rp 40.000
  • Patchouli Oil Tetulung 10 ml Rp 47.500
  • 30 ml Darjeeling Patchouli Oil RP54,000
  • Patchouli Oil Sindoro 10 ml Rp60,000
  • 6 ml Rosevara Patchouli Oil RP70.000
  • 10 ml Happy Green Patchouli Oil RP 85.000
  • Rp 87,800 for 10 ml Nusaroma Patchouli Oil
  • Patchouli Oil 10 ml Kleen and Kore Rp 90,000-Rp100,000
  • Rp 120.000 for 30 ml Happy Green Patchouli Oil
  • Patchouli Oil Andalas 5 ml Rp 132.000
  • 100 ml Darjeeling Patchouli Oil RP 159,000
  • 20 ml Active Organics France Rp 160.000
  • Rp 160.000 Pompeii Natural Patchouli Oil 30 ml
  • Rp 200.000 for 50 ml Pavetia Patchouli Oil
  • 10 ml Patchouli Essenzo Oil Rp 225.000

Those are some reviews that discuss the price of Patchouli Oil in Indonesia. With the Patchouli Oil update above, you can find out.

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