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CV PD Djasula founded. Consist of Mr. Djohan Narpati and his friends. Started the business with essential oil commodities which are from Java and Sulawesi. Address at Jl. Kopi, Jakarta Kota


PT. Djasula Wangi Founded. Mr. Djohan Narpati took over the business together with his two brothers: Jacky Narpati and Iwan Narpati. They started the business to export essential oil that are produced in Java (citronella oil, clove oil, vetiver oil and cananga oil). The office location is in Jl. Kencur 40 Jakarta Kota.




• Started the vanilla trading. Initially, the vanilla was cultivated in Central Java Region but not for long because it got infected by mycotoxin of Fusarium sp. After that, we started to cooperate with vanilla farmers across Indonesia.

• Opened its first essential oil plantations and private production facility at Cirendeu, Sukabumi, West Java



• Inauguration of Office Building at Jl. Garuda no,99 , Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat. Which until now is the Headquarter of PT. Djasula Wangi.

• Opened another essential oil plantation and private estate at Ciranggon, West Java.



Opened Purwokerto Branch at Jl. Jendral Gatot Subroto No. 38. The aim is to facilitate the purchasing of essential oil commodities from Central Java.


The joint venture with Naarden-Holland resulted in technology transfer through facility acquisition by PT. Djasula Wangi for Clove Leaf oil derivatives at Cimanggis.



Opened a plant facility at Cileungsi, Bogor for Clove Oil Derivatives with extended capacity from the former facility at Cimanggis. Since established, it has become one of the business pillar for Djasula Wangi.


Family business still run for more than 50 years and become a leading company in essential oils and vanilla beans trading.

Be A Leader

We Create Our Vision to Reach Business Goals and Objectives

With over 50 years of experience in dealing with essential oils and vanilla bean products, we consistently aim to be the best and most reliable supplier for our customers around the world.

Move Forward

Expanding Our Mission for Better Results

•  1st Mission  •

Maintaining the highest standards in producing, processing, and distribution of our products

•  2nd Mission  •

Empowering local distillers through education and human resource development

•  3rd Mission  •

Promoting sustainable business practices through continuous advancement and innovations


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