The demand for citronella oil these days is mainly for its aroma and nourishing characteristics. While in fact, the benefits of citronella are beyond the citrusy and fresh aroma. Citronella contains natural sources of vitamins and essential compounds for anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antidepressant, and many more. 

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Benefits of citronella oil for health and well-being

Citronella has been used in the perfumes industry thanks to its fresh lemony smell. Far beyond the perfumes industry, citronella essential oil has been used in traditional medicine and Ayurveda. The essential oil is believed to help improve body health and well-being. Here are some benefits of citronella oil for the body and mind. 

Pain relief and anti-inflammation

Citronella contains a chemical compound called citronellal. This component is responsible for relieving pain and has anti-inflammation properties such as in the case of joint pain and arthritis. Citronella provides warming effects as well as acts as a vasodilator that is beneficial to treat painful cramps and sore muscles. 

When applied in the affected area, citronella helps reduce swelling and soothes the pain area. That is why citronella essential oil is widely used in massages and therapy. 

Protection against insect

Some insects and bugs become a carrier of bacteria, viruses, and microbes that causes serious health concern. Rather than using chemical repellent, citronella has the same effects to ward off bugs. This natural remedy to protect the skin from insects and bugs is less harmful than its chemical counterpart. However, citronella should be re-applied in a couple of hours because the effect is short-lived.

Calm and relax the mind

In French, the word citronella means lemon balm. This is where the name lemon balm comes from because citronella smells fruity and lemony. The such smell is known to uplift the mood and ward negative emotions at bay. Inhaling the aroma of citronella boosts energy levels and instills optimism feeling. It is a great aromatherapy to use when you feel down and extremely exhausted. 

Advanced hair growth

Citronella also contains anti-fungal properties that work amazingly for haircare. If you have problems with dandruff and scalp itchiness, you may need to add drops of citronella oil to the shampoo and conditioner. The limonene compound in citronella helps manage sebum production so it reduces greasiness and frizzy hair. In addition, citronella also works great to reduce head lice. 

Skin treatment

Aside from haircare, citronella also works great as a skin treatment. The anti-bacterial properties treat skin concerns such as acne and warts. The essential oil speeds up wound healing and injuries as well as minimize the effects. Regular use of citronella helps improve skin complexion, clears pores, and also reduces signs of aging. 

Using citronella oil in daily routines

Using citronella oil in daily routines is not complicated. Similar to other essential oils, citronella should be diluted first in other compounds to reduce the risk of irritation. You can dilute citronella into a carrier oil for massage, in water for spray, and also in skincare and haircare products. Citronella has overall health and mental benefits and also improves well-being. 

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