Vetiver oil may not be as famous as lavender or grapeseed oil. However, this essential oil is famous in the Indian subcontinent with another name, khus or khus-khis oil. Vetiver essential oil has a wide benefit from anti-inflammatory, and skincare ingredients, reducing depression, to increasing libido. 

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What is vetiver essential oil?

Vetiver oil is an essential oil extracted from perennial grass called Vetiveria zizanioides. The plant is native to the Indian subcontinent but only the roots are used for essential oil extraction. The Vetiver essential oil has an earthy, woody, sweet, refreshing, and citrusy fragrance. The scent is similar to patchouli oil with an additional tangerine scent. The roots of vetiver plants and the essential oil are extensively used in traditional folk medicine in various civilizations. 

Benefits vetiver essential oil

Vetiver essential oil is versatile oil that is extensively used in traditional medicine. It has been used to treat menstrual cramps, rheumatism, mood improvement, to snake and scorpion bites. Here are the extensive benefits of vetiver oil. 

  1. Anti-inflammatory
  2. Antiseptic
  3. Clear acne and improve skin health
  4. Improve sleep quality
  5. Treats ADHD
  6. Heals wounds, rashes, and insect bites
  7. Increase Libido
  8. Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression
  9. Effective insecticide
  10. Calm the mind and improve mood

Vetiver essential oil extraction

Vetiver oil is extracted from the roots only however the extracting process is laborious, tedious, and costly. Many brands mix low-quality of oil with vetiver extract to produce vetiver oil simply and cost-effectively. However, that is not pure vetiver oil. Vetiver oil is extracted using steam distillation to produce a distinct aroma. 

The use of vetiver oil

Vetiver oil is very versatile as it is widely used in traditional medicine. However, if you are a beginner to this essential oil, you can try the following method. 

  • Massage – mix vetiver oil with other carrier oil such as grapeseed oil or olive oil. You can also add drops of lavender oil or ylang-ylang oil to improve the benefits. Use the mixture as massage oil. 
  • Injury oil – you can also make injury oil with a mixture of vetiver oil, lavender oil, bergamot oil, and carrier oil of your choice. You can use coconut, grapeseed, sunflower, jojoba, and argan oil, you name it. Mix the oil and use it for the affected area. 
  • Hair mask -vetiver oil is also a great option for skin and hair care. You can make a hair mask with a mix of vetiver oil, lavender oil, orange oil, rosemary oil, and carrier oil of your choice. 

Though in general vetiver oil is safe but pregnant and nursing women should use the oil under medicine consent. It is also important to consult with a physician if you are taking medications. 

Final verdict

Vetiver essential oil is a popular ingredient in the perfumery and cosmetics industry. It is valued for its unique aroma and prized for its extensive health benefits. The essential oil is extracted from the roots of grass called Vetiveria zizanioides. Not only for beauty purposes, the essential oil is also beneficial in traditional medicine. 

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