Indonesia is rich in herbs and spices not only in fresh form but also in essential oil. The essential oil in Indonesia is one of the best in the world with plenty of variations to choose from. The general essential oil Indonesia comes from exotic plants such as vetiver, ylang-ylang, patchouli, and many more. These essential oils have a unique fragrance and contain plenty of health benefits. Here are some popular essential oil from Indonesia and their uses. 

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Sandalwood essential oil

Cedarwood is the best wood that contains fragrance for various purposes such as aromatherapy, incense, perfume, and many more. There are two types of cedarwood which are red and white cedarwood. White cedarwood is widely grown in Indonesia and has been used as an essential oil for a long time since it has a stronger fragrance than the red variety. 

Among varieties of sandalwood essential oil, the one from Indonesia is extracted from Santalum album variety that is recognized as true sandalwood or East Indies Sandalwood. This essential oil is used as therapy for some health concerns such as the common cold, digestive problems, and relief of muscle pain, boost wound healing, reduce anxiety, and many more. 

Clove essential oil

Clove essential oil is extracted from the clove tree which is native to Southeast Asia. The common clove oil is extracted from dried flower bud and other parts such as leaves and stem. Clove oil comes in various colors ranging from transparent to light yellow. It has a strong spicy scent which has been used for various health issues. 

Clove essential oil contains antimicrobial substances to kill bacteria. It also has pain relief benefits as it can relieve toothache and muscle pain. The primary component of clove oil, eugenol is responsible for its benefits. 

Ylang-ylang oil

Ylang-ylang oil is a popular essential oil mostly for the perfume industry. It is extracted from the flower of the cananga tree which is native to tropical countries. This essential oil has been used to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety. As it comes from exotic plants, ylang-ylang oil smells exotic, with floral and sweet as well as a slight fruity scent. 

Patchouli oil

Indonesia is the largest producer of patchouli essential oil in the world, counting for more than 80% of the global market. Patchouli oil is extracted from the perennial plant, Pogostemon Coblin, which is native to tropical countries. The main characteristic of patchouli oil is the scent that improves with age just like a fine wine. Patchouli oil has an earthy and rich scent and is mostly used as a base note in the perfumery industry. In the global market, there are two types of patchouli oil which are light and dark based on the color or aroma characteristic. This essential oil is mostly used to improve skin conditions such as anti-aging, dermatitis, acne, eczema, and more. There is plenty of essential oil Indonesia other than those on the list such as vetiver oil, ginger oil, jasmine oil, vanilla oil, and many more. Indonesia has been serving essential oil all over the world for decades. Which one is your favorite essential oil?

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