Vanilla extract is a basic ingredient for baking and stuff though most recipes only call for a small amount. Since you do not use the extract one bottle at a time, it is best to invest in good vanilla. But, how do you find good vanilla extract?

Choosing vanilla extract is like selecting a fine wine. Most of the time, good vanilla extraction comes with a price. Due to the expensive price, there are lots of vanilla imitation that looks like authentic extract. So, how do you tell the good one?

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Choose the right store

It is very easy to find vanilla in supermarkets or grocery stores. However, most vanilla in the supermarket is not real vanilla but imitation so you will see cheaper prices. If you want to look for high-quality vanilla, shop at a food specialty store. You will have to pay more but you get the expected good-quality of vanilla.

Read the label

Vanilla extract comes with the label of ingredients. If you are looking for the real extract, look for a product with a pure vanilla extract label. The pure extract contains alcohol and has a stronger flavor and fragrance. But if you do not want alcohol, you can choose vanilla flavor or imitation. Those two are chemically compound products that taste and smell a little less like vanilla.

Make sure it is vanilla

Again, if you want pure extract make sure it is labeled pure vanilla. It can be hard to distinguish the label of vanilla from other countries. This is because foreign vanilla products may be labeled as pure when it is not. So you need to be very careful when reading the label.

Less sugar

Vanilla has a naturally mild sweet taste and does not need lots of sugar to boost its taste. In contrast, a high amount of sugar in vanilla will ruin the natural taste. The sweet taste of alcohol is enough to highlight the vanilla with no additional sweetener.

Properly aged

Like a fine wine, properly aged vanilla extract has the best flavor and smell. However, not all companies have enough time to preserve vanilla due to market demand. It can be a challenge to find fine-aged vanilla but you can search a bit.

Expiration date

Due to the high content of alcohol, vanilla extract has no expiration date. Vanilla will age in around two years and remain stable after that. If it is difficult to find aged vanilla, you can buy a bottle long before the one at home is empty. So there is enough time for the product to age. You can also add a small amount of sugar to boost the aging process and soften the harsh nose.

Final words

Choosing a good vanilla extract is like finding a fine wine. You need to find the one with the right label and ingredients. With all the complicated processes, vanilla is pricey. The choice gets even more complicated with vanilla imitation and flavor. Get your authentic vanilla extract only at

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