What are the benefits of patchouli oil for body health? As we all know, patchouli plants can produce essential oils that have a characteristic aroma with a bitter taste. In addition, currently this oil has the potential to be a source of good prospects because it has a high price. Moreover, until now there is still no way to make this oil in synthetic form.

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6 Benefits of Patchouli Oil for Body Health

1. To Relieve Headaches

Do you often have headaches?  Headaches are indeed a scourge that is quite difficult when there are many activities.  If so, it’s a good idea to start consuming patchouli oil.  This is because the oil contained in patchouli plants has compounds that can relieve pain or pain in the head.  

2. Help Reduce the Symptoms of Diarrhea

Did you know that patchouli oil can prevent diarrhea?  As we know, diarrhea is a disease caused by viruses or bacteria in food.  However, you don’t need to worry about getting diarrhea because this oil can prevent the symptoms of diarrhea from attacking the body.

3. Relieves Pain in Boils

Have you ever found that there are boils that bother you on your body?  Have done many things but the results are not maximized?  Maybe it’s time for you to try patchouli oil.  Because the compounds present in the patchouli plant can relieve the active boil pain.

4. Prevent Infection

One of the benefits of using this oil is that it can prevent the body from experiencing infections. The essential oil extract produced from patchouli leaves will protect the body by preventing infection when the skin is injured. The steps are to apply patchouli oil to the injured skin area. After that, let it stand until the oil dries and rinse with water.

5. Get Rid of Stubborn Acne

For those of you who have sensitive skin problems, especially problems with acne, try using patchouli oil.  So, how do you use it?  The steps are quite easy because you only need to apply a drop directly on the skin / face that is infected with acne.  Guaranteed stubborn acne will immediately disappear.

6. Prevent Body Odor

Have you tried various methods, both traditional and modern, but body odor won’t go away?  For those of you who are experiencing problems or having difficulty finding a way out of this, now is the time for you to breathe a sigh of relief.  Because, by drinking a mixture of water and patchouli oil, your body odor will slowly decrease.  This is caused by patchouli oil which eradicates the bacteria that cause body odor.

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